About British Business School

BBS is the first school in Algeria which provides an exclusive online platform for English, business studies and other fields for all types of ages from kids to adults.

Established in 2017, BBS became in a short period one of the well-respected/reputable schools for its quality of tuition and competitive fees.

We are proud to have a diversity of students from many countries, different continent and with different back-grounds as well, Algeria, Morrocco, Tunisia, France, Belgium, KSA, Qatar are some of our honourable students nationalities’.

Our value and mission

We believe in win-win position. We have the patience and the passion to provide first class education/the best tuition experience which pleases you and meet your needs.

Our mission is to contribute in developing people’s minds and knowledge which will open the doors of success in their lives and careers.

Our effort and focus to deliver the best education experience, an exclusive and truly professional oriented learning platform are what make BBS the perfect place to develop your leadership skills for an ever changing real world environment.

Why joining us ?

BBS is very selective; it recruits not only tutors who are competent and experienced but also love to do their jobs with passion and sincerity.

BBS provides the best working environment that allows you to feel home, work comfortably and to be considered as a valuable member of BBS family.

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